Apache OTL
A mod_perl Apache handler for pretty-printing OTL files.
Perl Modules
Some perl modules that have been published to CPAN.
Ruby Modules
Some ruby modules that have been published to RAA/RubyForge.
A handy shell-like interface for browsing LDAP servers and editing their content. It keeps command history, has sane autocompletes, credential caching, site-wide and individual configs, and it's fun to say. Shelldap! Shelldap! Shelldap!
Simple and free static hostnames for your dynamic IPs.
Vim Stuff!
A small collection of plugins for the Vim editor.
A high-performance, low-resource URI rewriter for use with the Squid caching proxy server. With it, you can dynamically alter URI requests that pass through Squid based on various criteria. It uses a state machine to parse URIs and rules, and a constant database to store and access those rules. It can then either perform conditional rewrites internally, or by evaluating Lua scripts.
ThingFish is a network-accessable, searchable, extensible datastore. It can be used to store chunks of data on the network in an application-independent way, associate the chunks with other chunks through metadata, and then search for the chunk you need later and fetch it again, all through a REST API over HTTP. A super-fun undertaking with Michael Granger on behalf of LAIKA.
A Ruby library for doing stuff with LDAP. It mimics some of the concepts from Sequel for SQL, but at the same time doesn't make the mistake of treating LDAP in a relational fashion. (It's hierarchial.)

What can you do when your neighbor is the Antichrist, and your retaliation attempts are limited by budget? Put a plate of meat in his yard! 38 total days of grueling scientific observation, punishing pictures, and relentless commentary - at the expense of one wanker neighbor.

As reported by USA Today, Time, Newsweek, the BBC, Wired Magazine, and quite a few others: "An instant web classic."

Circa 2000. Yeah, so that happened.